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Customers and business requirements have caused increased demand for speed, access, availability, reliability, security, service, and support. Information Technology Managed Services is an effective way to meet these demands and remain competitive in today’s market. Companies have given these big reasons (as well as others not mentioned) for their decision to enroll in IT Managed Services:
  • It enables your company to focus on its core business
  • It reduces the need for a fully staffed Technology department
  • Provides access to leading technology that your company might not otherwise be able to afford
Benefits of IT Managed Services Return on Investment (ROI) in addition to the above reasons, 48 percent of companies that out-task their Network and IT  management do so specifically to reduce and control operating costs (Outsourcing Institute, 2001). Cost reductions can be significant in areas such as operations, maintenance, service, equipment (hardware, software, and infrastructure), and technology upgrades.
In general, IT Managed Services will save your company money because it will reduce maintenance and operations costs, reduce your internal IT and information services (IS) staff needs and service expenditures, reduce your operational and capital expenses and will provide predictable costs for information technology, especially if your company is used to “doing it all” within their own infrastructure.